We're looking for local tribal leaders (3DHEALS community manager) in the following cities (but don't let us limit you, other cities may apply also): Boston, Isreal, New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Toronto, Berlin, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Stockholm

1) Providing education resource for local health care 3D printing community, including companies interested in the space and healthcare providers actually using the technology
2) Grow cohesiveness of a global community where members can collaborative innovation, information exchange, and more efficient learning
3) Discover local innovators/startups, esp those looking for growth/funding
In this cross-functional role, you’ll be optimizing our users' journey across all stages of our marketing funnel.
3DHEALS community manager is a volunteer position, but many find it rewarding because of the rich network the subject naturally attracts. The position is one year long with a commitment of organizing minimal One local event (excluding "Happy hour"), although quite a few past community managers stayed on because it was a rewarding experience.

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